5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Solar Power!

black and white solar panels

Recently, the solar industry has been gaining unprecedented popularity amongst Adelaide homeowners. It is partially due to their drastic price decrease. Also, homeowners are becoming more and more aware of the benefits of switching to solar energy.

As a relatively new field, not many people know much about solar energy. Here are five facts that may surprise you about solar power:


Most Powerful Source of Energy

The production of solar energy relies upon, of course, the sun. Your Adelaide solar system absorbs the energy of the sun and turns it into a form of power you can use at home. That is why it is called renewable energy, as the sun will never run out of power. No matter how much we consume of it in our Adelaide homes and businesses.

The sun is the most abundant energy source available on our planet. One hour of direct sunlight can generate more energy than the world consumes throughout the year. The challenge is to be able to collect and harness all that power.


Australia Gets More Sun Than Any Other Continent

Barely beating Africa, the Australian continent has the highest solar radiation per square metre of any continent on Earth. Therefore, it also has the best solar energy resource on the planet. It would be a shame letting all that power go to waste every single day. Apparently, Adelaide home- and business owners shared the same thought. South Australia is currently leading the country, if not the world, with the amount of wind and solar energy it produces every year.


No Need for Direct Sunlight

In contrast to the popular myths, your Adelaide solar panels will continue to produce energy, without direct sunlight. So, on a cloudy day, solar energy production will not reach its maximum capacity. However, you will still have enough power to meet your Adelaide household or business needs.


Your Solar System Will Pay for Itself

By using solar energy, you are switching to a free source of power. The more you rely on your Adelaide solar energy system, the lower your electricity bills will be. Therefore, whatever you pay upfront on your solar system components, does not compare to all the savings you will make.


Solar System Prices Are Going Down

As the electricity cost in Adelaide is continually going up, the prices of solar systems are going down. Unlike electricity, solar power is renewable and free. The sun is not going anywhere. With the increase in the popularity of solar energy, the production and installation costs are dropping. The technology is also advancing rapidly, making solar systems more efficient than ever.

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Do not let your Adelaide home miss all the benefits solar energy has to offer. Call us now!