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Our key objective is to provide you with the best service and advice on a solar solution to suit your home or business. As a result you can rest assured our experienced technicians will provide you with the best information and knowledge to assist you in making informed decisions on the right solar package.

Climat’s ‘peace of mind’ philosophy is evident across our entire spectrum of products and services we offer. Our systems carry market leading warranties and are installed by experienced accredited experts. Call us today to find out more or fill in a free quote now.


Why Solar with Climat?

There are many benefits in choosing a Climat System:

  • Save money by reducing electricity bills
  • Solar power is the cleanest and most viable form of renewable energy
  • Add value to your home or business
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Take advantage of government rebates and incentives
  • Quality systems and installation
  • Leading and trusted Brands
    • SMA
    • Suntech
    • LG
    • Enphase Energy
  • Proud South Australian company
  • Professional staff and customer service
  • Industry leading warranties
  • No obligation free quotes


How Solar Works?

Sunlight shines on to the solar panels, which produces DC electricity. An inverter is positioned between the panels and the switchboard, converting the DC electricity current into an AC current which powers your home. Solar power helps reduce the electricity bills you pay to an electricity company and creates your own clean green energy.




Choose a Green Future

The standard home system is generally between 1.5 and 3kW, but can vary from 1kW up to 10kW. We recommend you consult a Climat expert to determine the best solar solution for your home. Commercial systems generally start at around 10kW up to megawatts of panels.



Climat has aligned itself with only the best brands proven to be reliable and offer you the best quality and competitiveness in the market place. Our panels and inverters are manufactured by some of the world’s leading experts: LG, Suntech and SMA.

Don’t keep watching your electricity bills rise, act now and talk to a Climat expert today.

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Suntech “All Products” Brochure


LG Solar “All Products” Brochure


LG Solar “Mono X” 250W Panel Fact Sheet


LG Solar “Mono X” Neon 300W Panel Fact Sheet


LG Solar “Mono X” 255W – 265W Panel Fact Sheet


SMA Sunny Boy 2kW-3kW Inverter Brochure


SMA Sunny Boy 3kW – 5kW Inverter Brochure