I the below person request that Climat Air Control & Energy Centres or their agent carry out Annual Inspection & Preventative Maintenance until further written notice from me.

  • I agree to pay the inspection charges as per the table below.
  • I agree to pay Climat Air Control & Energy Centres or their nominated agent for any services on the day of the work being done or any services being provided (“Due Date”).
  • I understand all work will be carried out to Manufacturers specifications and recommendations ensuring compliance with the terms of the Climat Air Control & Energy Centres Five year installation warranty for any full system installed by them, additionally; all works will be done during Climat Air Control & Energy Centres normal service hours at a time of year that suits them.
  • I understand that the supply of any parts or other labour is beyond the scope of my request and such additional work shall be at my request and performed at additional charge; before commencement of any such additional work a quotation must be provided by Climat Air Control & Energy Centres.
  • I understand that a completed copy of a Service Report Sheet/Tax Invoice (SRS) will be left on site on the day of the work being done and that I must be available at that time to acknowledge the SRS. I understand that a duplicate copy of the SRS will be provided upon an acknowledged written request by me within 7 days of the maintenance and agree that the Due Date will not change if such request is made.
  • I understand and agree that if for any reason payment in full has not been received by Climat Air Control & Energy Centres within seven days of the “Due Date” then my account will charged an additional $33 service charge as well as interest at 2% per month (or part thereof) on any outstanding balances. I further agree to pay all charges to my account as well as recovery costs and debt collection fees of Climat Air Control & Energy Centres.
First SystemTypeLimitationTickCost
EvaporativeDucted1 Storey Only $130
RefrigeratedWall SplitGround Mount Outdoor Unit $130
RefrigeratedDuctedGround Mount Outdoor Unit $200
Additional SystemsTypeLimitationQtyCost
EvaporativeDucted1 Storey Only$80ea
RefrigeratedWall SplitGround Mount Outdoor Unit$80ea
RefrigeratedDuctedGround Mount Outdoor Unit$80ea

Climat reserve the right to refuse or charge more for Dangerous or Abnormal Situations.


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